08 Jul

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here… Not much has been going on…

I’m finally caught up on my mail! Thank god! I have 2 letters that came in today to reply to.

We didn’t end up going to Chicago while Logan was on vacation due to lack of funds. However, I’m going with my Best Friend and her Mom to Chicago this Friday and I’m really excited. I’m really hoping we can take the Metro downtown to Portillo’s since I’ve never been there and everyone tells me I’d love it! I will definitely have to post pictures of our adventures there!

We did go camping… πŸ˜’ That was an experience… Day 1 (Friday) was great! We got the camper set up and everything and we sat by the fire and made s’mores. By day 2 (Saturday) I was totally annoyed with my Mother-In-Law. We didn’t go see fireworks because she put me in such a bad mood. So that kind of ruined it. I learned I can only handle her in small doses and when she’s not sitting on her ass barking orders. Next time we are only going up for one day and we’ll do what WE want to do! Here’s a collage I made of camping:

We did stay pretty productive most of the time Logan was off. We got our 2nd bedroom/computer room/cat room cleaned. There were papers everywhere dating back to 2012 when we moved in! We also found a lot of old pictures which was fun!

I finally ordered and got my Kikki K planner that I’ve been dying to have. I really haven’t used it yet. I made my own penpal address inserts and an incoming/outgoing mail tracker so I know what topics were covered in the letter. It will be really useful once I start using it. πŸ˜‰

My Dr. Put me on a new anti-depressant called Ferzima that has helped tremendously. It’s given me a bit of motivation to get stuff done. It’s still really hard to push myself to go to the gym though. :/

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good 4th! That’s about it for me… Enjoy your day! ❀️

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