Another crazy week!

19 Mar

As the week is winding down we are trying to make plans for our weekend off. Unfortunately Logan got mandatory overtime for 8 hours Sunday so it put a bit of a damper into our original plans. 😑

Originally: we were going to take a day trip to Lincoln’s Historic New Salem near Springfield. It’s a small village made to be exactly how it was in the 1800’s based around Abraham Lincoln and his travels there. (Remember, I’m the Lincoln history buff!) I haven’t been there since grade school and Logan has never been there. Then we were going to venture to the infamous head shop/band merch store, Penny Lane, while in Springfield. Then Sunday we were going to go to Best Buy & purchase a new washer and dryer set with our taxes, then go to hang out with my Grandparents. Since he has overtime Sunday we have decided not to venture to Springfield and save it for another day. Instead Saturday, we are going to Best Buy, then Funks Grove (a historical nature preserve), then my Grandparents. I will post pictures on here of my trip to Funks Grove only because it’s such a beautiful place. It’s where we got married and had our engagement pictures done.

Anyway, work has been stressful for the both of us. We’re hoping to wind down and cook together Saturday night and have a romantic dinner.

Hope everyone is having a great week and enjoy your weekend!

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One response to “Another crazy week!

  1. patlandon5

    March 22, 2015 at 12:02 pm

    Hope you and Logan had a fab weekend:)

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