Monday Monday…

24 Feb

I got a lot accomplished last night. I put every stamp I own in my stamp album and organized them by color or holiday or “commemorative”. I also have started another crochet slouch beanie hat.

I got my washi tape and snail mail stamp in the mail today. No letters. 😦 I wrote out 2 cards & 1 postcard. One of the girls I wrote the card out to collects souvenir pressed pennies! So! I remembered reading in our local paper that our county museum in town recently bought a penny press in December: so I decided to go check it out. I got all 4 designs made for her. 1 of the ISU Redbirds, 1 of the Beer Nuts Company, 1 of the McLean County History Museum, and one of Crusin’ Route 66. I should’ve taken a picture of them before I threw them in the mail. Can you believe other than a penny, it’s 50 cents to make one?! Luckily the money benefits our museum! It was a very fun process though. The lady at the museum was so nice & helpful! I hadn’t made a pressed penny since my summer trips to Branson, MO about 10 years ago. I hope I can stay pen pals with her because I know all sorts of other places I could get them not too far from here. The Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield has them & our local zoo does too.

After much bickering with my sister, we are going to try to do pictures for my Moms birthday this Sunday. I just hope the weather warms up since I want to do them outside!

I’ve been thinking about planning a day in Springfield with Hubby in Spring. There’s so many Abraham Lincoln places to visit there. Plus I still owe Logan a trip to Penny Lane. It’s a very cool 2-story “head shop”. They have a black light room with posters and such, and all the band shirts you can think of. It’s been around since the 70’s. The wooden stairs that lead up to the head shop where are the bongs and glass pieces are have signatures from famous people in the 70’s & 80’s all over it. It’s such a tiny little place too, but it’s so cool to just go and look!

Anyway, better get back to crocheting my hat. Hope everyone had a great day!

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