23 Feb

Got a new video up of my Incoming mail like I said I would. I didn’t realize how much mail I’ve received in the past 2 weeks until I watched the video! This is becoming a very fun, enjoyable, hobby. Logan also made me a new banner for I think it looks a lot more professional.

I didn’t get much accomplished this weekend and its near the end. I want to get my stamp collection started and work on it. I want to get some crochet hats done. I really want to send some more letters out. Unfortunately I’m limited on International post at the moment. I only have 4 global forever stamps left and I didn’t feel like going to the post office so I ordered more online. Hopefully they will reach me soon. Can’t wait to get my assigned pen pals from LWA. I went ahead and joined yesterday and the Postal Society. Maybe I will get more mail there. I’m thinking about trying LetterMo next year instead of InCoWriMo. I ordered more custom postcards of Bloomington IL on my favorite website, for postcrossing. 😀

Didn’t get pictures done yesterday as planned. My sister really upset me and made other plans so now I’m left to find something else to get my Mother for her birthday, March 5th. I was NOT very happy about this yesterday. We did go to see the SpongeBob movie last night. It was great. There were lots of kids there obviously. You have to understand, my husband and I were about 9 years old when the first episode of SpongeBob aired; so I guess we were re-living our childhood a bit. We’re cartoon fanatics anyway.

I really can’t wait until the weather warms up. I want to go downtown and explore the shops with my Mother-In-Law so bad. I also can’t wait to go camping. I can almost smell the campfire already! Logan and I have been writing in our couples journal everyday. It’s pretty fun. I’m supposed to be FaceTiming with my friend at Disney World tonight. I can’t wait to see her room and everything!

Well, that’s about all that’s going on here. Hope everyone has a great week. Keep writing!

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Posted by on February 23, 2015 in Personal


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