Another week has come and gone!

20 Feb

As we enter the weekend, I’m letting out a huge sigh of relief. This week went by terribly slow.

My husband, Logan, and I have flipped through our couples journal and started it already. The layout of it is interesting, not what I expected. You flip the page to today’s date and it asks you a question. You have 2 sets of lines to write on (one is mine, one is Logan’s) and there are 3 sets of those lines for 3 years. Yesterday’s question was “At this moment, which do you wish you could have more of, time or money?”. Of course I say money and he says time! 😉

We are going to do a dinner date this weekend. We’re going to grab a bite to eat somewhere cheap and go see the new SpongeBob movie! 😀 Saturday afternoon my Sister and I are SUPPOSED to be taking pictures outside for my Mom’s Birthday to give to her as a Birthday Present, weather pending. We are supposed to get snow tonight. -_- I just hope it’s warm enough tomorrow since we will be doing the pictures outside. I want really nice, professional-looking pictures and I need to get some use out of my new Camera and Tripod.

I talked to my best friend who’s an intern at Disney a few nights ago for about half an hour. She’s having a grand old time helping costume the characters there at Disney World in Florida. She sounds so upbeat and it makes me happy. I really miss seeing her every weekend and talking to her throughout the week. She’s so busy!

I’m hoping to get my stamp collection started this weekend if I have time. I need to do a video of my incoming mail for the past 2 weeks, I’m a little behind. I bought some cool things for my letters on Amazon. I got Air Mail Washi Tape, Air Mail Stickers, Lined Notepads, Scrapbook paper (to make my own envelopes), and blank lined address labels. I bought some cool mail related rubber stamps off Etsy also. Can’t wait to get those!

Well, I’m off to work. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Get your InCoWriMo letters out there guys and gals!

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