Another week…

16 Feb

Today starts another week. Can’t believe February is half over! I’m getting very tired of the cold weather, looking forward to Spring.

I had a nice chat with my Mother-In-Law yesterday while she played cards (Pit-Pat) with her gang. I had nothing better to do at home. I started another crochet hat, but I got bored with it. There’s a stitch in it called a “Puff” stitch that I’ve never done and I’m a bit intimidated by it.

Had lunch with my 14 year old Sister yesterday at Panera. I always get a Tomato Soup bread bowl. She got Turkey Chili (it didn’t look very appetizing…), and we split a brownie. It’s all about dessert in my family! 😉 We had to run to PetCo to get treats for my parents puppies which was a scavenger hunt. They didn’t have the kind my Mom asked for so it was up to me to find a good brand that was like what she asked for. Skiye saves the day… 😉 My Mom was flying out yesterday afternoon (she’s a flight attendant), so she didn’t have time to grab them. As you may know, I’m a little bit country and I LOVE my country music… I bought Big Smo’s newest CD and my sister and I were jamming out to it. He’s more of rap-style country, but I love it. 😀

Have a few things to do this week. Have to go to the mall and exchange something, and have to go to the Post Office to ship out my 2 packages.

Hoping today goes by fast at work, I’m very tired. I was so tired yesterday, I even forgot to write in my Journal. That’s strike 2! It’s the 2nd time this year I’ve forgotten to write. My New Year’s Resolution this year was to write in a journal EVERY DAY.

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