Friday the 13th

13 Feb

What an unlucky day! Better be careful! I’m very superstitious! 😉

Hubby and I are going to attempt to go to Olive Garden tonight for Valentine’s Day since he works Saturday. We don’t get each other anything. I think one year he ACTUALLY got me flowers! I halfway thought about mailing Valentines Day cards to family members, but never got around to it…

Got 2 InCoWriMo postcards returned to me yesterday. There was no stamp or anything stating why. One of my pen friends has let me know I’m addressing them wrong! Whoops! To the post office!!! I’m actually looking to mail an international package with bags of tea to someone on S2 in the Netherlands. Any tips? Thinking about using a flat rate box, just hope it doesn’t cost me an arm & a leg! :/

Also this weekend, I will be purchasing tickets for the Slipknot concert at the Coliseum in May. Hubby will be delighted. He’s looking forward to it and has already taken the day off!

Everyone have a great weekend!

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Posted by on February 13, 2015 in Personal


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